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Thi Xuan Mai TRAN, Ph.D. in Public HealthThi Xuan Mai TRAN

Dissertation : Health-related Quality of Life in Long-term Breast Cancer Survivors: Longitudinal Change Over Fifteen Years and Fear of Cancer Recurrence

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Hyun Soon CHO, Prof. Yoon Jung CHANG, Prof. Eun Sook LEE

Ji Mi KIM, Ph.D. in Public Health

Dissertation : Association among Methyl Donor Nutrients, Common Polymorphisms in DNA Mismatch Repair Genes, and Colorectal Cancer Risk

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Jeong Seon KIM

Xuan Quy LUU, M.P.H.Xuan Quy LUU, M.P.H.

Dissertation : Colonoscopy-based Colorectal Cancer Screening Performance and The Classification Capability of Asia Pacific Colorectal Screening Score: An Analysis of Cancer Screenee Cohort

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Kui Son CHOI

Kim Ngoc TRAN, M.P.H.Kim Ngoc TRAN, M.P.H.

Dissertation : Incidence of Liver Cancer in Hanoi, Vietnam (2009-2017)

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Moran KI

Seung Jin LEE, M.S. Seung Jin LEE, M.S.

Dissertation : Crystal Structures and Biochemical Characterization of Human YDJC Protein

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Byung Il LEE

Ji Young JANG, M.S.

Dissertation : A novel regulatory mechanism for nc886 to regulate let-7 microRNA in liver cancer

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Yong Sun LEE

Chan Il KIM, M.S.Chan Il KIM, M.S.

Dissertation : Fam20C promotes recurrence of glioblastoma through regulation of phosphoproteome

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Jong Bae PARK

Hyo Jin LIM, M.S.Hyo Jin LIM, M.S.

Dissertation : Structural and Biochemical Studies of Human RPIA, a Key Mediator of KRAS Resistance

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Byung Il LEE, Prof. Hyoun Sook KIM

Ha Seo RYU, M.S.

Dissertation : MCU with anti-apoptotic function affects GBM recurrence induced by Avastin resistance

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Jong Bae PARK

Thi Hong Nhung VAN, M.S.Thi Hong Nhung VAN, M.S.

Dissertation : Night Shift Work and Breast Cancer Risk: A Meta-analysis of Observational Epidemiological Studies

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Seung-Kwon MYUNG

Thi Thuy Duyen NGUYEN, M.S.Thi Thuy Duyen NGUYEN, M.S.

Dissertation : Projecting health benefits of raising Tobacco tax policy: An application of Abridged SimSmoke model to Vietnam

Thesis Mentor : Prof. Jin Kyoung OH