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R&DB Foundation


NCCGCSP Research and Development Business Foundation cultivates creative human resources based on the linkage between education and research, and contributes to the improvement of university competitiveness and national competitiveness by activating industry-university cooperation.

We contribute to the development, supply and spreading of knowledge and technology that are reviving in the times, by supporting startups through academic-industrial cooperation research, industry-university field trips and employment enhancement activities for graduates.

In addition, we are in charge of a wide range of tasks such as agreement of industry-academic cooperation, research fund management, acquisition and management of intellectual property rights, technology transfer and license management in order to support systematic research of universities, governments and industries.

Research and Development Business Foundation will continue to fulfill our role as an organization in charge of promoting industry-academic cooperation and supporting R&D projects by utilizing excellent human resources, intellectual assets, and the latest research equipment.

We ask for your continuous interest and encouragement for successful operation and development.


NCCGCSP Research and Development Business Foundation