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Xuan Quy LUU

Dissertation : The Effect of Cervical Cancer Screening and HPV Vaccination on Timeframe to Cervical Cancer Elimination in Korea: A Modeling Study

Thesis Mentor : 최귀선

Mi Youn SHIN

Dissertation : The Long-term Exposure to Particulate Matter and Cancer

Thesis Mentor : 김선영

Jung-Hoon KIM

Dissertation : Structural Insights into the Binding of Inhibitors: Targeting the MERTK Kinase Domain and BRD4 Bromodomain 1

Thesis Mentor : 이병일

Chan-Il KIM

Dissertation : Fam20C Kinase Controls Bevacizumab Resistance in Glioblastoma by Governing Mesenchymal Characteristics and Activating the AKT Pathway

Thesis Mentor : 박종배

Yejin HA

Dissertation : Socioeconomic inequality in organized and opportunistic screening for breast and cervical cancer: results from the Korean National Cancer Screening Survey, 2009 – 2022

Thesis Mentor : 최귀선

Jong-Hyeok JEONG

Dissertation : Bayesian sequential updating for real-time survival analysis of lung cancer patients utilizing electronic health records data

Thesis Mentor : 조현순

Tu Minh THAO

Dissertation : Estimation of Frailty-Adjusted Life Expectancy in Older Patients diagnosed with Stomach, Colorectal and Lung Cancers: Insights from Real-world Electronic Health Records Data

Thesis Mentor : 조현순

JinKyung LEE

Dissertation : The role of autophagy regulator, Unc-51-like kinase 1 (ULK1) on pancreatic cancer

Thesis Mentor : 정희선

Linh Thi Dieu NGUYEN

Dissertation : The Interaction between Dietary Magnesium Intake, the Genetic Variant Insulin Receptor (INSR) rs1799817 and Colorectal Cancer Risk in a Korean Population: a Case-Control Study

Thesis Mentor : 김정선

Chanhyeok PARK

Dissertation : dentification and characterization of drug-resistant resilient cancer cells in chemotherapy

Thesis Mentor : 장현철

Hyewon SHON

Dissertation : Study on HIFU-Induced Abscopal Effect Leading to Remodeling of Immune Environment in Pancreatic Cancer

Thesis Mentor : 김윤희