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Extra Curriculum

Global Exchange Program


To support the training for global cancer research and cancer control field as a part of official development assistance in cancer related fields


A foreign student who has the potential to conduct research and education in cancer related laboratories or related fields(Bachelor’s degree or higher)
※ Current NCC-GCSP students are also eligible


Master’s Doctoral
about 10persons about 4persons

Application Season

Application Season
New applicants Existing trainees
February, October December

Financial Support

Differential rates of monthly training grant

Application procedure

Application procedure


  • Submit (1) Attendance book and (2) Monthly Training Report every month
  • On completion of training, Training Report must be submitted to be evaluated by the International Cooperation Education Evaluation Committee
  •   ※ If training period is more than 6 months, research achievements (published article and oral or poster presentation) must be attached
           - Financial support from our program must be acknowledged on your research achievements
           - If you don’t submit research achievements, you are not able to apply this program anymore.