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Extra Curriculum

International Education Program Participation


To participate the international education program or the short-term training program provided by the international organization or cancer related institutes


Current NCC-GCSP students (Master’s and Doctoral)

Financial Support

Up to 3 million KRW

Top-priority institution

WHO(World Health Organization), IARC(International Arctic Research Center), NCI(National Cancer Institute, US), MD Anderson Cancer Center, and etc

Preliminary Assessment Procedure (semiannual basis)

Preliminary Assessment Procedure (semiannual basis)

Final Evaluation Procedure to Select Successful Applicants (quarterly basis)

Final Evaluation Procedure to Select Successful Applicants (quarterly basis)


  • Requirements to be submitted
      (1) Overseas Academic Conference/International Education Program Participation Report
      (2) Detailed Expenses for support on Conference (Education Program) Participating Travel Expenses
  • Overseas academic conference participation: financial support from our program must be acknowledged on your research achievements
  • Participation of ‘Overseas Conference/International Education Program Participation Presentation’ as a speaker
  •   - To share knowledge and personal experiences from international endeavors abroad by presenting research achievements or participating international
        education program