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Faculty Directory

Sun-Young KIM

Sun-Young KIM (full-time professor)
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Area of Expertise
Research Method, Biostatistics, Environmental Statistics and Epidemiology, Spatial Analysis
Work Experience
Associate Professor, NCC-GCSP, Goyang-si, Korea, 2020-present
Assistant Professor, NCC-GCSP, Goyang-si, Korea, 2017-2020
Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Health and Environment & Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2014-2017.
Research Scientist, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, 2012-2014.
Senior Research Fellow, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, 2005-2012.
Educational Background
Ph.D. Public Health Science (Biostatistics major), Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2005.
M.P.H. Public Health Science (Biostatistics major), Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2002.
B.A. Health Education, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, 1998.
Research Interests
Dr. Sun-Young Kim has pursued her research interest in environmental risk factors and their associations with human health including cancer. Specifically, focusing on air pollution, she is working with study design development, air pollution modeling, and health effect analysis. In addition, she is interested in spatial pattern of cancer and identification of high risk areas and related geographical risk factors. Dr. Kim earned her Ph.D. in Public Health Science with Biostatistics major at the Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health in Seoul, Korea, and had worked at the University of Washington and the Seoul National University before joining the NCC-GCSP.
International Collaboration
Editorial board of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Editorial board of the Yonsei Medical Journal
Peer reviewed journal articles for the previous 2 years (mentees starred):

1. Lee H, Kim OJ, Myung W, Kim SY. Long-term exposure to particulate air pollution and incidence of Parkinson’s disease: A nationwide population-based cohort study in South Korea. Environmental Research (in press).

2. Kwon D, Choe YJ, Kim SY, Chun BC, Choe SA. Ambient air pollution and Kawasaki disease in Korean children, a study of the National Health Insurance Claim data. Journal of the American Health Association 2022 (in press).

3. Lee HW, Kang SC, Kim SY, Cho YJ, Hwang S. Long-term exposure to PM10 as a risk factor for incident lung cancer in female never-smoker; national health screening cohort analysis. Cancer Res Treat 2022 (in press).

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Complete list of publications in Google Scholar:

On-going research projects as a principal Investigator:

1. Long-term exposure to air pollution associated with climate change, health effect, and socioeconomic disparity. Basic Research Program, National Research Foundation of Korea. 2022.03-2027.02.

2. Assessment of health effect of air pollution in patients with interstitial lung disease. Korea Center for Disease Control. 2021.04 – 2023.12 (Co-principal investigator).

3. Air pollution and cancer: ascertainment of existing evidence and suggestion of new evidence. National Research and Development Program for Cancer Control, National Cancer Center of Korea. 2021.01 – 2023.12.

4. Spatial analysis for identification of high-risk areas and exploration of geographical risk factors for cancer mortality and incidence using spatial big data in South Korea. Korean Foundation for Cancer Research. 2020.09 – 2022.08.