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Dormitory Information

Dormitory Schedule
Dormitory Schedule
Semester Apply for Dormitory Announcement of Successful Applicants Check-in Date Check-out Date
Spring December January End of February Middle of August
Fall June July End of August Middle of February

※ A student who is on a leave absence, is expected to be on a leave absence and completed the course is not eligible to apply for dormitory. But, a student who is expected to return to school is eligible to apply

  • A student enters the dormitory within minimum school year. But, it is limited to enter the dormitory depending on capacity of the dormitory and the term of dormitory contract is renewable by 6 months after evaluation.
  • The priority of dormitory entrance can be decided in order of international student, domestic freshman, domestic student, international student exceeding minimum school year, domestic student exceeding minimum school year.
  • A student who is willing to enter the dormitory must submit ‘Dormitory Application Form’ within a given period
Common facility and Supplies
  • There are female dormitory and male dormitory, maximum number per building is limited to 10 ~ 12 students.
  • The dormitory has double deck beds, closets, desks, chairs, electronics and etc. Either 1 room for 2 persons or 1 room for 4 persons is assigned to a student.
Dormitory Fee
  • A student must pay dormitory fee monthly on given date
  • A student must pay dormitory fee even for days when a student sleeps out for a long period during the given term expected to reside.