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Basis of Establishment

NCC-GCSP was established in accordance with Cancer Control Act

[enforced on June 1, 2011] [Act no. 10333, entirely revised on May 31, 2010]
- Date of School Approval: September 10, 2013
- Date of Special Graduate School Opening: March 1, 2014
- Date of Professional Graduate School Conversion: March 1, 2017
   * Special Graduate School Abolition

Background of Establishment

As WHO had mentioned in the World Cancer Report, a cancer became the most important and crucial issue for human society in 21st century. According to this report, it forecasts more than 10 million people around the world will die from suffering cancer by 2020; among this population, more than 5 million people will be died in countries in Asia region. Because of rapidly increasing population and ageing population in the Asia-Pacific region, the incidence and mortality of cancer in those areas are expected to grow higher compared to Western societies.

However, the types of cancer commonly diagnosed in Asia countries are significantly different than those in western countries including Europe and North America. The cancers such as liver, stomach and cervical cancer are the most common and typical cancers diagnosed in the Asia-Pacific region including Thailand, China, Mongol and Korea; thereby in quality, it would not be great idea to inherit knowledge on those types of cancers from the US or Europe. To treat and control cancer types that are more likely to be diagnosed in Asia region, it is absolutely needed to reflect the cases and experiences from a country with accumulated know-how for those typical cancers.

Finally the National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy (NCC-GCSP) was founded by the National Cancer Center, who recognizes the demand of professionals in cancer research and control specialized in Asia region and the necessity of systematic educational program based on its rich experiences in cancer related education and research, and cancer control that the NCC has built so far since its foundation.

The original structure of NCC’s integration of cancer research, treatment and control enables the integrative education of theory and practice, and basic and clinical study. Also the professionals group dedicated to cancer has developed a multidisciplinary curriculum that cannot be found in the existing educational course. Also NCC-GCSP provides an opportunity for students participating in various international networks by linking students with the international organizations such as WHO or IARC, and the internationally recognized cancer research and educational institutes such as NCI U.S. and NCCl Japan in a close partnership with NCC for a long time.

Through a global cancer control combined with creative knowledge and practical skill and the fosterage of research professionals, the National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy (NCC-GCSP) improves the level of cancer control and research in Asia Pacific region and leads the international academic exchanges, becoming a school enhances human health and contributes to the quality of life for all human beings.