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Campus Life

Student Card


  • Access to building (access to lab in research building, library, etc.)
  • Attendence check for seminar class


Type New Reissue
Purpose Incoming Students Lost, damage, photo update, readmission, etc.
Cost Free Free
Issuing procedure To be automatically issued only for newly admitted students (using photo attached in application form) Visit the Office of Academic & Studetn Affairs
Issued by Department Assistant
Note Office of Academic and Student Affairs image file (JPG, smaller than 32Kb) to the Office of Academic & Student Affairs

FAQ on Student Card

  • Q : How long does it take to reissue the student card?
    A : It takes 1 to 2 days upon the request for reissue.
  • Q : What should I do if I lost my student card?
    A : You can reissue the student card to avoid any security damages.
  • Q : If I found my lost card, should I reissue the card?
    A : Don’t reissue after lost → Use old card Reissued after lost → Dicard old card and use a new one.