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Is there any class or program offered for students to learn Korean at NCC-GCSP?
 Yes. You may take Korean language and culture programs offered during the summer or winter vacations. Also, students can join Korean Culture and Cross Cultures program. This program will help international students to understand Korean culture, language and many other helpful aspects while studying abroad in Korea.
How much does a school dormitory cost?
It costs about KRW 100,000 per a month. Additional costs may be charged upon the over charges on utilities bill.
Is dormitory first-come-first-serve?
Any international student who willing to be assign to dormitory can stay in the dorms.
How many students will be admitted to school?
We offer admissions to 20 students for master’s program and 7 students for doctoral program.
When does a semester start?
Spring semester begins in March and a Fall Semester  begins in September. Please refer to academic schedule in our homepage for more detailed information.
Who would be the beneficiary of academic program provided at NCC-GCSP?
Anyone having previous experiences in cancer related field or governmental institute, medical and research institutes, especially those doing research activities at countries in Asia Pacific region are mainly targeted for NCC-GCSP program.
How are interviews conducted?
Interview offer will be given to those who have passed the document review. The domestic applicant will have a face-to-face interview and those residing overseas will conduct interview via either video or tele-conferencing.
What are the acceptable English proficiency test options?

Applicants are required to provide a proof of English proficiency must meet one of the following proficiency requirements: TOEFL PBT IBT 80, New TEPS 326, IELTS 5.5. The test date must be within two years of the application deadline.


- except :Those who have stayed English-speaking countries (the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Republic of South Africa) to obtain (or expected to obtain) Bachelor’s degree.


- deferral : 1) Among the foreign students (foreign-born parents) whose English proficiency is proved by the admissions committee; 2) Those who are supported by government overseas and etc.; 3) Those from schools overseas entered into a sisterhood relationship with the GCSP.

*Submission deadline for English Proficiency Test Score: in any year of an enrollment (prior to request for Thesis Defence)



What are the requirements and eligibilities to apply NCC-GCSP?

1. Applicant must hold (expected to hold) a bachelor´s degree and/or a master´s degree from domestic or overseas. Or applicant´s educational attainment should be equivalent to bachelor´s and master´s degree approved by law.

2. All applicants must provide evidence of their English proficiency meets the NCC-GCSP minimum requirements for admission.

Please refer to our admissions guide for more detailed information. 

Is there any application fee to pay?
No application fee that applicant required to pay.