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Faculty Directory

Wie, Gyung Ah

Wie, Gyung Ah, R.D. Ph.D.
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Assistant Professor Department of Cancer Control and Population Health
R.D. Department of Clinical Nutrition
Area of Expertise
Clinical nutrition/ Nutritional Epidemiology/Public Health
Contact no
Work Experience
Chief, Department of Clinical Nutrition, National Cancer Center, Korea (Jun. 2000 –Jan. 2020)
Dietitian, Department of Food and Nutrition, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea (Jul. 1988 – Jun. 2000)
Educational Background
Ph.D. Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea(2010)
M.P.H. Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea(2005)
B.A. Food and Nutrition, Seoul National University, Korea(1988)
Research Interests
Dr. Wie has interested in 1) the nutritional management of cancer patients including nutritional screening, nutritional assessment, and nutritional intervention 2) the nutritional epidemiological study on Korean dietary factors and chronic diseases (cancer, metabolic diseases etc).
International Collaboration
2014 SCI Red meat consumption is associated with an increased overall cancer risk: a prospective cohort study in Korea: BJN, 112(2), 238-247 (3.3420).

2017 SCI Identification of major dietary patterns in Korean adults and their association with cancer risk in the Cancer Screening Examination Cohort: EJCN, 71(1), 1223~1229 (3.55 )

2017 SCI-E The Role of Red Meat and Flavonoid Consumption on Cancer Prevention: The Korean Cancer Screening Examination Cohort: Nutrients, 9(9) E938~E938 (3.0570)

2017 SCI-E Associations of Dietary Antioxidants and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Data from the 2007?2012 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: Molecules, 22(10), 1~15 (2.8610)

2017 SCI-E Total Antioxidant Capacity from Dietary Supplement Decreases the Likelihood of Having Metabolic Syndrome in Korean Adults: Nutrients, 9(10), E1055~E1055 (3.55)

2018 SCI. Nutritional Status of Patients with Cancer: A Prospective Cohort Study of 1,588 Hospitalized Patients; Nutrition and cancer, 70(8), 1228~1236 (2.029)

2020 SCI-E. Association between dietary flavonoid intake and obesity among adults in Korea; Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism, 45(2), 203-212 (2.522)

2020 SCI-E. Randomized phase II study of platinum-based chemotherapy plus controlled diet with or without metformin in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer; LUNG CANCER, 151, 8~15 (4.702)