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Young Ae KIM, Ph.D.

Young Ae KIM, Ph.D.
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Assistant Professor, Department of Cancer Control and Population Health, NCC-GCSP
(Senior Scientist, Division of Cancer Control and Policy, and Cancer Big Data Center)
Area of Expertise
Health Management & Policy, Outcomes Research, Burden of Disease
Work Experience
2019.02 - Present Senior scientist, Division of Cancer Control and Policy, National Cancer Center
2019.02 - Present Senior scientist, Cancer Big Data Center, National Cancer Center
2017.06 - 2019.01 Section Chief, Cancer Survivorship Branch, National Cancer Center
2017.03 - 2019.01 Senior Scientist, Cancer Policy Branch, National Cancer Center
2017.03 - 2017.05 Senior Scientist, Cancer Survivorship Branch, National Cancer Center
2014.03 - 2017.02 Associate Scientist, Cancer Policy Branch, National Cancer Center
2012.09 - 2013.12 Outside Lecturer, Eulji University 2007.08 - 2011.03 - 2013.12 Assistant Instructor, Korea University, Department of Prevention Medicine
2014.02 Assistant Scientist, National Cancer Center
Educational Background
Ph.D, Graduate School of Korea University, Department of Health Care Policy, Seoul, Korea (2014)
MPH, Graduate School of Korea University, Department of Health Care Policy, Seoul, Korea (2009)
BS, Sungshin Women's University, College of Humanities, Seoul, Korea (2004)
Research Interests
Dr. Kim is interested in the field of Health Management & Policy. She has published over 60 papers measuring the socio-economic burden of cancer, researching the quality of life of cancer patients, and conducting outcomes research using national health data.
She involves in policy development and implementation for cancer survivors. She is also interested in research that provides evidence for policy on cancer survivors.
Achievements (Total: 50 SCI: 26 SCI-E: 19 기타: 4 SSCI: 1 SCI+SCI-E+SSCI: 0 )
2019 Comparison of quality of life and health behaviors in survivors of acute leukemia and the general population: Annals of Hematology. : ()

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2019 SCI Outcomes of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in adolescent and young adult Korean patients: British journal of haematology. Online:Published (5.206)

2019 SCI-E Outcomes of Pregnancy after Breast Cancer in Korean Women: A Large Cohort Study: CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT. Online:Published (3.363)

2019 SCI-E Effect of Helicobacter pylori Treatment on Long-term Mortality in Patients with Hypertension: GUT AND LIVER. Online:Published (2.968)

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2017 기타 Redefining the role of etoposide in first-line treatment of peripheral T-cell lymphoma: Blood Advances. :0~0 ()

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