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Faculty Directory

Kim Myeong Seong

Sung Ho HWANG, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Assistant Professor
Area of Expertise
Quarantine system, Epidemiology, Radiation protect
Contact no
Work Experience
Radiological technologist, NCC
Research for Quarantine development, KCDC
Research for planning on KOICA collaboration country, KOICA
Educational Background
- 1995 ~ 1999 DanKook University – BS
- 2008 ~ 2010 Seoul National University – MPh
- 2012 ~ 2016 Seoul National University - PhD
Research Interests
Quarantine, Infection disease system
International Collaboration
1. 2020. Association of Body Composition With Survival and Treatment Efficacy in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY (SCI)

2. 2019. Comparison of MRI and CT for the Measurement of Visceral Adipose Tissue. Journal of Magneitcs. SCI

3. 2019. Visceral Obesity Assessment by MRI and Prostate Cancer Risk. Journal of Magnetics. SCI

4. 2019. Visceral fat measured by computed tomography and the risk of breast cancer. Translational Cancer Research. SCI

5. 2017. Quantitative Analysis of Bone Mineral Measurements in Different Types of Dual-energy Absorptiometry Systems:
Comparison of CT vs DEXA. Journal of Radiological Science and Technology, SCI

6. 2017. Radiation dose and image quality assessment of the bolus timing method for CT angiography. Iraninan journal of radiology. SCI

7. 2017. A study on the optimization of image quality and dose in chest PA digital radiography. Journal of Korean Society of Radiology. SCI

8. 2016. Investigation of factors affecting body temperature change during routine clinical head magnetic resonance imaging. Iranian journal of radiology. SCI