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Faculty Directory

Kyung-Hee KIM

Kyung-Hee KIM, Ph.D.
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry/Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry
Area of Expertise
Biochemistry / Proteomics / Mass Spectrometry
Work Experience
Team Leader, Proteomics Core Facility, National Cancer Center (2019~Present)
Research Scientist, Omics Core Laboratory, National Cancer Center (2014~2019)
Research Scientist, Colorectal Cancer Branch, National Cancer Center (2007~2017)
Educational Background
Ph.D. Cancer Biology, Seoul National University, Korea (2008-2013)
M.S. Molecular Oncology, Seoul National University, Korea (2004-2007)
B.S. Biology, Yonsei University, Korea (2000-2004)
Research Interests
Dr. Kim’s research interests are to understand of cellular and molecular mechanisms of biomarker candidates and to find cancer biomarkers from patient’s derived tissue, blood, urine and various body fluids using high resolution mass spectrometers.
International Collaboration
Member, The Human Proteome Organization
Member, The Korean Human Proteome Organization
Member, American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Member, Korean Society for Mass Spectometry
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