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Bo Hyun KIM

Bo Hyun KIM, M.D., Ph.D.(adjunct professor)
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Associate Professor, Department of Cancer Biomedical Science, NCC-GCSP
Area of Expertise
Work Experience
Senior Scientist, Common Cancer Branch, Research Institute, National Cancer Center (2017-Present)
Senior Scientist, Liver and Pancreatobiliary Cancer Branch, National Cancer Center (2015-2017)
Specialist, Department of Internal Medicine, National Cancer Center (2012-Present)
Specialist, Center for Liver Cancer, National Cancer Center (2012-Present)
Educational Background
M.D, Hanyang University College of Medicine (1996-2002)
M.S, Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine (2007-2009)
Ph.D., Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine (2009-2011)
Research Interests
International Collaboration
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