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Hyun Guy KANG

Hyun Guy KANG, M.D., Ph.D.(adjunct professor)
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Associate professor, Department of Cancer Biomedical Science, NCC-GCSP
Area of Expertise

Musculoskeletal tumor
Bone metastasis
Work Experience
bachelor's degree (MD) Chonbuk National University Medicine 1994
Master´s degree Chonbuk National University Orthopedics 1998
Doctor´s degree Chonbuk National University Orthopedics 2001
Educational Background
2005.03 ~ 2006.02 Orthopedic Oncology Seoul National University Hospital Fellow
2006.04 ~ now Orthopedic Oncology Clinic National Cancer Center Staff Surgeon
2010.04 ~ 2011.03 MD Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral fellow
2015 Specific Organs Cancer Branch National Cancer Center NCC Research Institute Associate Researcher
2016 Department of System Cancer Science, NCC-GCSP Associate professor,
Research Interests (Please place in paragraph form)
Medical engineering innovation
Metastatic bone tumor
International Collaboration
2021 SCI-E 3D-Printed Connector for Revision Limb Salvage Surgery in Long Bones Previously Using Customized Implants: METALS. 11(5):707~ (2.117)

2020 SCI-E A system-level approach identifies HIF-2α as a critical regulator of chondrosarcoma progression. Nature Communications: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 11(1):5023~ (12.121)

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2020 SCI-E New 3-dimensional implant application as an alternative to allograft in limb salvage surgery: a technical note on 10 cases: ACTA ORTHOPAEDICA. :1~8 (2.965)

2020 SCI-E Targeting TJP1 attenuates cell-cell aggregation and modulates chemosensitivity against doxorubicin in leiomyosarcoma: JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE-JMM. 98(5):761~773 (4.427)

2020 SCI-E The application of 3D-printing technology in pelvic bone tumor surgery: JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC SCIENCE. Online:Published (1.259)

2020 SCI-E Integration of a Three-Dimensional-Printed Titanium Implant in Human Tissues: Case Study: APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL. 10(2):553~ (2.474)

2019 SCI Histologic Response and Toxicity following Interval-Compressed Four-Drug Therapy Given Preoperatively in Children and Young Adults with Osteosarcoma: A Retrospective Study: ONCOLOGY. Online:Published (2.278)

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2018 기타 Three-Dimensionally Printed Personalized Implant Design and Reconstructive Surgery for a Bone Tumor of the Calcaneus: JBJS case connector. 8(2):e25~e25 (0)

2018 SCI-E Joint-preserving palliative surgery using self-locking screws of intramedullary nail and percutaneous cementoplasty for proximal humeral metastasis in the advanced cancer patients: World journal of surgical oncology. 16(1):93~93 (1.792)

2017 SCI The histone variant H3.3 G34W substitution in giant cell tumor of the bone link chromatin and RNA processing: Scientific reports. 7(1):13459~13459 (4.259)

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2016 기타 Osteoarticular Repair with Bone Cement for Advanced Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis of the Hip; A Temporizing and Yet Durable Reconstruction: Open J Clin Med Case Rep. 2 Issue 13:1135:1~7 ()

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