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Faculty Directory

Jae Gahb PARK

Jae Gahb PARK, M.D., Ph.D.

Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Emeritus Professor, National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy Consultant, National Cancer Center
Emeritus Professor, Seoul National University College of Medicine; Seoul, Korea
Area of Expertise
Cancer Science and Policy
Educational background
1969 Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea; Premedical Degree
1973 Seoul National University College of Medicine; Seoul, Korea; M.D.
1979 Graduate School of University,Seoul National University,Seoul, Korea; Ph.D.
Research Interests
Dr. Jae Gahb PARK, Chair Professor, National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy and Consultant, National Cancer Center, finished his MD from Seoul National University, Korea, and completed residency training in Surgery at Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul, Korea.
He is belonged to Korean Cell Line Bank, Korean Cell Line Research Foundation.
He strives hard for Banning Tobacco.
Clinical Interests
He is interested in Hereditary Colorectal Cancer.
Professional Organizational Fellowship
1991 – present Chairman, Board of Directors, Korean Cell Line Research Foundation
1995 – 2000 Director, Cancer Research Institute, Seoul National University
2004 – 2006 Chairman of Board of Directors, Korean Cancer Association
2000 – 2006 President, National Cancer Center, Korea
2010 – 2011 President, National Medical Center, Korea
2010 – 2012 President, International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ISUCRS)
1973 – 1978 Internship and Residency, Seoul National University Hospital
1978 – 1981 Captain and Major of Korean Army
1981 – 2014 Instructor, Assistant, Associate Professor, and Professor of Surgery, Seoul National University College of Medicine
1985 – 1987 Guest Researcher and Visiting Forgathy Fellow, NCI - Navy Medical Oncology Branch, U.S.A. (Preceptors: John D. Minna & Adi F. Gazdar)
International Collaboration
List publication
Kim MJ, Shin R, Oh HK, Park JW, Jeong SY, Park JG : : The impact of heavy smoking on anastomotic leakage and stricture after low anterior resection in rectal. cancer patients. World J Surg 2011 ;35:2806-10

Ku JL, Shin YK, Kim DW, Kim KH, Choi JS, Hong SH, Jeon YK, Kim SH, Kim HS, Park JH, Kim IJ, Park JG : : Establishment and characterization of 13 human colorectal carcinoma cell lines: mutations of genes and expressions of drug-sensitivity genes and cancer stem cell markers. Carcinogenesis 2010;31:1003-9

Park JG, Park JW, Kim DW, Seo HG, Nam BH, Lee JS, Choi JC, Kim IS, Boyle P : : Factors influencing attitudes to legislation banning the manufacture and sale of tobacco products. Tob Control 2008;17:142-3

Lim, S.-B., Jeong, S.-Y., Lee, M.-R., Ku, J.-L., Shin, Y.-K., Kim, W.-H., Park, JG : Prognostic significance of microsatellite instability in sporadic colorectal cancer. Int J Colorectal Dis 2004;19:533-7

Park, JG, Vasen HF, Park, Y.-J., Park, K.-J., Peltomaki P, Leon MP, Rodriguez-Bigas MA, Lubinski J, Beck NE, Bisgaard M-L, Miyaki JT, Baba S, Lindblom A, Madlensky L, Lynch HT. Suspected HNPCC and Amsterdam criteria II : evaluation of mutation detection rate, an international collaborative study. Int J Colorectal Dis 2002;17:109-14

Further list of Publications :
1997.06 The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons Award
2001.04 Korea Science and Engineering Foundation Award
2001.06 Yellow Stripes Medal, Republic of Korea
2002.11 20 Outstanding Korean Medical Scientists, the Korean Medical Association
2003.07 Sung-Kok Science Culture Foundation Award
2004.12 2004 The Pride of Korea Grand Prix: Health and Welfare Field, Journalists Federation of Korea
2005.05 World No Tobacco Day 2005 Award, World Health Organization
2007.03 Schering Prize in Clinical Medicine, The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences
2007.05 Sang-Huh Culture Foundation Award, Sang-Huh Culture Foundation
2007.12 Korea Grand Prix of Mugunghwa, The Korea Federation of Mugunghwa
2008.06 Impact Paper of the Year. The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
2008.07 Chung-Buk Proud Award, Chung-Buk Association
2009.02 Chung-Cheong Proud Award, Chung-Cheong Association
2009.03 Kwan-Ak Award, Seoul National University Alumni Association