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Kang, Joon Hee

Kang, Joon Hee
Faculty Appointment
(title, department)
Department of cancer biomedical science Senior researcher, New Cancer Cure Bio(co.)
Area of Expertise
Contact no
Work Experience
Senior researcher, research institute, MDbiolab.
Researcher, research institute, national cancer cener, korea
Educational Background
2006-2012 Dongguk university, seoul, korea ; bachrlor’s degree
2012-2014 Dongguk university, seoul, korea ; master’s degree
2016-2020 Dongguk university, seoul, korea ;Ph.D
Research Interests
My goal is to develop a drug to treat cancer patients. Currently, New Cancer cure Bio Co., Ltd. is conducting research on the development of new anticancer drugs that target cancer metabolism. In addition to cancer metabolism, research on cancer control by transglutaminase 2 is also ongoing.
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